b. 1986, HK.

What I Bring To The Table

What I Bring To The Table


past projects and Clients :

Vulcan: Rosita's Santa Fe Kitchen

Girin Ssam Bar and Steakhouse

Kinfolk (LA, Brooklyn,Tokyo)

Vulcan: Licketty's Barbecue

Batch 206 Distillery

Commonwealth Tavern

Distillery Provisions

Porcella Urban Market

Backstage catering

Raised Doughnuts

Restaurant NuE

Jab-X Kickboxing

Bookstore Bar

Miller's Guild

Pecado Bueno

Bada Lounge

Terra Plata

Fat Dog LA


+ more


What I bring to the table.

Kelly Gaddis is Seattle restaurant consultant and commercial broker. A Washington Native and spent the entirety of his 25+ year career as a chef in the Seattle area, his resume reads like a Zagat guide to top-rated northwest restaurants also spending a period of time at the Modernist Cuisine food lab for Nathan Myhrvold. His passion for local, organic and sustainable cuisine led him to found Porcella Urban Market and Bistro in Bellevue, a unique experience, it combined a 55 seat bistro, coffee and pastry shop, a specialty grocer and salami producer. Among the many accolades Porcella garnered, Kelly is especially proud of being voted “Seattle’s Best Salami Producer” over the Salami Godfather, Armandino Batali.  Currently Chef Gaddis owns Cairn Consulting, a full service restaurant consulting group in Seattle, focusing on all aspects from finance, office and operating structure to the front of the house and the kitchen. Projects and Clients include Vulcan, Batch 206 Distillery, Girin Ssam Bar and Steakhouse, Miller’s Guild and Crush Restaurants, Distillery Provisons, Commonwealth, Fat Dog LA, Taco Del Mar, Terra Plata, Bada Lounge, Kinfolk (LA, Brooklyn, Tokyo and an upcoming Seattle outpost) and more. His experience spans intimate fine dining to multi outlet operations and event venues. Outside the professional kitchen Kelly loves to spend time in the outdoors. He has a passion for mountaineering and has successfully summited many of the Cascades including Mount Rainier and has his sights set on Mont Blanc and Denali. When not cooking or climbing he can be found teaching at The Mountaineers, in the back-country skiing, snowshoeing, foraging or fishing near the family cabin in Leavenworth. Kelly’s passion for food is infectious and his down to earth nature makes him a great teacher and ambassador of that pursuit and his passion for life and charming character has made him a well-known chef and personality in the Seattle area.

Contact me at 2o6-877-2757 or Email at ilikefoiegras at gmail dot com